The Xuanyuan side, because of the joint efforts of all ethnic groups of Jiuli tribe, is even more concerned about traitors, and they are all eager to kill.

Terran war broke out.
This is an unfair war!
This war was doomed to be unfair from the beginning.
Xuanyuan side only has the support of pure blood Terran, while Jiuli tribe has the support of ten thousand families in addition to making people.
More than the Jiuli tribe, there is a faint shadow of the Wu clan.
One side is weak, one side is numerous, and the result is self-evident
Xuanyuan side that was beaten losing ground.
It was also at this time that Xuanyuan reinforcements finally came to the scene.
Twelve Jinxian has arrived!
According to the agreement of Zixiao Palace in those days, the candidates for the three emperors and five emperors were decided by Terrans themselves.
The candidate for the imperial teacher is from the three religions.
Table to san huang attaches great importance to the Qing sage arrival mortal personally taught Fuxi.
After this
It should be taught by intercepting the teacher and explaining the younger brother
Teach the last two generations of emperors respectively
However, Feng Zichen secretly drove san huang’s handle to strengthen its position and become higher than the younger brother of the two sects, who was qualified to accept two Ren Huang disciples.
It’s right to arrange for my brother to become an emperor, to seek merit for them, not to let them die
Life is not hard enough.
But I can’t be an emperor.
Will be the emperor purple gas itself and die.
Therefore, the three religions could not find out the candidate for the imperial teacher at the moment.
At that time, Sanqing returned to the wild because of resisting the chaos fiend. Otherwise, they were qualified to accept Ren Huang disciples.
Wan Wan Nai Sanqing had to change his strategy from the original apprentice to the current mentor.
Just as Xuanqing instructed Shennong.
In this way, although there is not as much merit as a master, it is better than.
Explaining Twelve Jinxian is to mix merits and demerits.
The strength of the twelve brothers of Yuan Tianzun is not to mention for the time being, but their magic weapon is a good one.
With the help of Twelve Jinxian, Xuanyuan gradually gained the wind with the help of innate Lingbaoli.
However, the good times didn’t last long, and the situation turned around. Chiyou’s heart was cruel, and a large number of experts were invited from the witch family to press the twelve golden fairy heads.
In this way, the two sides gradually fell into a stalemate when you came and I went to the battlefield
It was also at this time that the hidden forces finally began to fight. They pretended to be masters of all ethnic groups and suddenly attacked Twelve Jinxian and seriously injured them.
Twelve Jinxian was hit hard and completely lost its fighting capacity, so the strength of Xuanyuan side was greatly reduced.
Chiyou took this opportunity to attack, breaking the front line and advancing into the hinterland of Terran.
At that time, the Xuanyuan side became precarious.
However, the change of things is often unsatisfactory. Because of Twelve Jinxian’s heavy damage, a Taoist priest who explained the hidden big man and explained the vice-leader’s ancient burning lamp.
This is a statue of a quasi-saint.
Others bully others and deal with the twelve immortals. Of course, we must find a way to get back.
With the entrance of quasi-saints, the situation has changed again, and the Chiyou side has gradually fallen into a disadvantage.
The word "quasi-saint" represents everything. This is the top fighting power of the wild and the wild, which is enough to reverse Gankun.
If nothing unexpected happens, Road flyover Xuanyuan will soon be able to pacify the Terran chaos together.