"I told you that if Adakang didn’t hesitate, it would kill Ji Xinghe."

"But now Ji Xinghe is stronger than you expected. Even if Adakang didn’t hesitate, it wouldn’t be Ji Xinghe’s opponent."
"Ha ha …"
Emperor Wu III smiled two more times and said, "Taowucha will give Adakang a sacred crystal. I woke up before Adakang. He knew that the exasperating power to connect the sacred crystal with the emperor Jia Ji Xinghe could not beat Adakang."
"What if Ji Xinghe can win?"
"Then he won’t kill Adakang, because Adakang still has some value."
"Adakang was captured alive. How can you carry out your plan? Let one of you inherit your gift? "
"They can’t because they are too weak. Adacon can give me gifts."
After answering, Emperor Wu III looked at Li Zhengfan and asked, "Do you think that if I exchange you for the captured Ida Kangji Xinghe, will it agree?"
"I know so much that you will let me go?"
"Yes, you know so much information. Ji Xinghe will definitely agree that Adakang will change you. After all, Adakang has little practical value for the Federation."
Li Zhengfan suddenly realized.
"You want me to tell the Federation that the alien Gao Wen will come to Imperial Star in 47 years, and if you lose, you will definitely tell the alien Gao Wen the coordinates of the Blue Star."
Emperor Wu III was noncommittal.
"Adakang will capture Ji Xinghe alive, and you will ask those questions before you see him on Imperial Star."
"I’ll ask him when I get back to the Federation."
Chapter 596 Another genius who doesn’t know it?
Su Chuanyun made a Mengmeng in which he met a god.
God’s body is taller than other stars, and his fingertips seem to disappear if he needs to think about it.
He looked down at Su Chuanyun like an ant and said, "I can grant you a wish."
Su Chuanyun looked up and occupied all his sight. God said, "My wish is to satisfy my three wishes."
"No? Ha ha god so much "
"Change a wish."
"My wish is to satisfy my six wishes."
"If you can’t afford to play, don’t pretend to be a god."
"I’m not pretending."
"You just pretend that someone said that there can be no other gods except Ji Xinghe."
"What if there is?"
"Our independent group is God."
After the third silence, God’s voice became majestic again, and many stars trembled with it.