Huo Qiang thought for a moment that "it can be solved mechanically and resolutely, and no one can consider people for the time being."

Although I don’t know what’s going on at the bottom of the ice, my ass wants to know that the ice has nothing to do with Ann. It’s hard to say whether I can come back alive or not.
Andy Zhuang agreed and said, "The problem now is that the man-machine can’t bear too much pressure. What about the power armor?"
Chapter 1425 I have a few questions
The average person can’t really answer the Andy Zhuang question. Huo Qiang has recalled it several times in succession and didn’t think of whether there is such an index for power armor. His goal is involuntarily invested in Yip Han.
More than HuoJiang anyone who knows captain yip hon is looking up.
Yip hon was thinking about the power armor, and suddenly he felt that something was wrong with him. I turned around and looked at Sun Haidong, the captain of Yushan. Looking beyond Sun Haidong, I wondered about Jin Donghe, the captain of Baoshan. He blinked and his eyes swept away, and suddenly he got a fright. Why is everyone looking this way?
Yip hon cheek a slight invisible to shrink the neck "what’s the matter with this?"
Huo Qiang was angry and funny. "Yes, why did you slip away?"
"No!" Yip hon that call a grievance "I don’t think about armor?"
"That’s just right," Huo Qiang said. "Tell me how much pressure the power armor can withstand?"
Yip hon almost didn’t vomit blood and looked like a wronged kannika nimtragol. "I don’t know, do you still want to?"
HuoJiang entranced disappointed look others is also a lament but Andy Zhuang don’t lose heart "your experience judgment? How much pressure do you think you can bear? "
Yip hon wry smile "this matter also nobody tried? We’ll cross the shallow water at the deepest depth of 40 or 50 meters. "
"Think about it again. Didn’t Africa get flooded at the beginning?"
Yip hon immediately remembered that "there was such a thing, but the water depth was about 50 meters at that time"
If the vertical depth of that hole had been several hundred meters, it is estimated that no one could have come out of it.
"The armor can insist on this depth? Is it possible to dive deeper? " Andy Zhuang still won’t give up.
Yip hon thought for a moment and said, "I think it should be deeper, but don’t say that 10,000 meters is 1,000 meters, and it will definitely not hold up. The power armor we are equipped with is too designed, and the armored seam is airtight structure rather than pressure-resistant watertight structure. The deputy commander must know the difference here better than I do."
Andy Zhuang nai sighed "commander, I have no problem"
The more we discuss it, the more clueless it is. Huo Qiang has a headache, but he can’t rub his head. "Can Wu Han’s technical department do something?"
Wu Han said with difficulty, "The commander’s technical team is fine. If they had something to do, they would have transferred to the Academy of Sciences?"
"Forget it" HuoJiangNai sighed "Man-machine try to see the situation before deciding not to go"
Zhuang Bodao said, "Commander, I suggest making plans now and then making mistakes."
Huo Qiang said, "What do you think?"
"My opinion is to decide how many people to send first, and who will lead the team will decide how much to leave some preparation for the soldiers," Andy Zhuang said
Everyone looked at yip hon together when they heard this.
Huo Qiang said, "I don’t understand. You mean you have to send more reconnaissance. The bigger the scope, the better, right?"
"Yes!" Andy Zhuang nodded. "The scope is small and the possibility of finding aliens is too low."
Huo Qiang said, "Then mobilize all the marines!"
"Not enough," Andy Zhuang said. "And the Leishan."
Yip hon eyebrows a pick in the mind with a sword general eyes have fallen to ZhuangBoshen but don’t know intentional or meaning Andy Zhuang has been looking at HuoJiang Chou don’t look at Yip hon side.
His captain frowned a little, too. The biggest difference between the Leishan and other ships is that 10% of them are qualified from the captain to the crew. The soldiers can be put into the ground battlefield if they wear equipment.
Moreover, yip hon’s rich experience is a very suitable command candidate, and the whole fleet can’t find a more suitable one than yip hon.
However, the officers and men of the Leishan had already been transferred into the fleet, and it was a bit too much to hit the Leishan.
Attention first yip hon and ZhuangBo wandering, but soon turned to Mr Strong.
Huo Qiang didn’t even hesitate to look at Yip Han and asked, "What do you think of Yip Han?"
Yip hon simply doesn’t know what to say. It sounds like a question, but who dares to listen as a question?
He deliberately paused for a while before slowing down and said, "Commander, our status is first military, then crew, and I will resolutely complete whatever I am given!"
Of course, he doesn’t think so in his heart, but at this time, he must not go against the level, sing high-sounding songs first and follow the level’s meaning. This is called political correctness, and no matter when it comes, it can’t be wrong.
Huo Qiang was so satisfied that he smiled. "Well, go back and prepare. I’ll see you if necessary."