"Lao wang you this is …"

Since Li Xiangkui arrived at the school, Wang Li’s level is similar, and he doesn’t need any honorifics, which makes him more cordial.
"…" Wang Li slightly one leng and then came to say with smile "ha ha! No one has told Lao Wang for a long time that he is a little uncomfortable. I have resigned and am ready to go home for the elderly! Some workers can’t do it when they are old. "
"Then I won’t see you again?" Li Xiangkui was a little speechless. After all, this is the second NPC I met when I first came to this base, and I am also a close associate.
"Ha ha! If decree by destiny, I should see you again. "Wang Li’s face smile disappeared, and I looked at the house with some nostalgia. I picked up the box and nodded and left.
Chapter two hundred and fifty-two Little Dragon Girl’s dream come true
After upgrading the legion, things in the northern health base have almost come to an end
Li Xiangkun is driving a black sports car and familiar with the brand-new buildings on both sides of the street, covering up the traces of mutant invasion.
When he arrived at the center of the city, he found a large number of engineering robots flying there under construction, and a half-finished statue was being set up.
Li Xiangkun stopped and patted an uncle who stopped to watch and asked, "Who built this statue of Big Brother?"
"Who else? Commander Zhao, our great hero in the north! " Uncle proudly said that he seemed to say something worth boasting about for a generation.
It turned out to be commander Zhao
Li Xiang’s heart is warmer and less warm. It is very rare for a group of people to remember him after his death.
"Alas ….. it’s a pity that he fought all his life, and now he doesn’t even have an heir, and then he will have an excellent generalship." Uncle sighed and left without looking back.
Li Xiangkun stopped to look for a moment, smiled with relief, shook his head, got into the car and left the city.
According to the map, it is a long distance from the northern health base to the novice training base, and it has passed through many lucky autonomous cities.
In addition to collecting longwu materials, he has to walk around this trip to see and understand a real story of the world.
Car after car sped by, and most of the players had their own cars, so it was very convenient to go anywhere.
"Xiaohei has planned a road to the novice training base for me to pass through some autonomous cities of the lucky ones." Li Xiangkun looked at her shoulders and ate lollipop elf judo.
"ok! Navigation blackie is ready! Mommy, mommy, mommy! Route planning is completed! " The elf took a sip of the lollipop and danced happily in the car.
However, at this moment, something suddenly happened in his arms, and a little head stuck out of his clothes with a reluctant face.
"Oh dear!" Li Xiangkang patted his head and looked at his memory. He always promised the little dragon girl to invite her to eat delicious food, but he hasn’t promised yet.
"Hum!" The little dragon girl tilted her head and emerged from his arms. She sat in the co-pilot and silently looked out of the window at the wilderness.
Li Xiangkui really wants to laugh when she looks like this, but he can’t laugh. What if it hurts the child?
So he can turn around and drive back to the northern base.
There are many fast food restaurants in the northern base, and Kentucky Fried Chicken is everywhere.
Li Xiangkang parked his car at the door of a KFC restaurant and walked into the store with the little dragon girl.
At this time, there are several NPCs scattered in the store. After all, players are eating in reality. Who has nothing to experience in the game?
The beauty orderer showed a standard smile and asked Li Xiangkun what he wanted to eat.
After a moment’s meditation, Li Xiangkun chose the most popular set meal and ordered five at a time.
"Excuse me, sir, how many copies do you want?" Beauty orderer some become speechless politely asked again.
"Five copies! And every copy is the same! " Li Xiangkun nodded seriously.
"I’m sorry to ask a manager." After all, it’s not good for a beautiful woman to jump to conclusions if there are too many copies.
Ten minutes later, a middle-aged woman dressed in black walked out of the manager’s office. She looked at Li Xianglian and asked, "Sir, are you sure you want five set meals?"
"ok! Sure! How many times have I told you? "Isn’t it five copies that Li Xiangkui is a little impatient? What a fuss!
The manager nodded and went to the kitchen to say something to the masters. Then the masters worked harder and the smell of fried chicken kept coming.
"Sir, each set meal is 5 United currencies, and the total is 250,000 United currencies. Is it cash or transfer?" The manager skillfully taps the keys on the machine at the counter, and the amount of money is constantly changing.
"Cash" Li Xiangkun took out 250,000 United currency from his bag and put it on the table, which was very chic and casual.
"Thank you for your support of Kentucky Fried Chicken, but now you can make 6 copies due to the excessive quantity. Please wait patiently. Our master is working hard on the system." The manager smiled apologetically and gave her a good professional quality. No matter what happens, you should remain calm and polite.
Li Xiangkun is in no hurry. Anyway, it is the little dragon girl who wants to eat. He is the one who is responsible for paying the bill.
After waiting patiently for half an hour, five packages were finally delivered one after another.
The little dragon girl greedily looked at the table set meal, and she instantly entered the abdomen without even bone residue.
Everyone was horrified. She touched her flat belly very quickly and smiled. "It’s really pleasant to finally feel a little full!"
Li Xiangkui felt the curious eyes of the people around him and hurriedly pulled the little dragon girl out of the fast food restaurant.
When he got back to the car, he stared at the co-pilot’s little dragon girl and prayed, "Let’s not eat so exaggerated next time, ok?" Others see us as aliens. "
"I eat very normal! There seems to be nothing strange except that the amount is a little large? " Little Dragon Girl said with some incomprehension that this way of eating in her cognition is very ladylike.
Li Xiangkui covered his head and gently called out "Ouch, my brain hurts."
"What’s the matter? Will it be all right? " Little dragon girl naively asked Li Xiang-Lian what really happened.
"Are you angry! What else can I do for you? "Li Xiangkui felt that her brain was full of little dragon girls. The more she thought about it, the more exciting it was.
The little dragon girl hasn’t said anything yet, and Li Xiangkui called out again.
"Oh, my brain hurts more!"
"Fuck you!" Little Dragon Girl knew that he was poking fun at himself and gave him a direct criticise.
After the farce, the journey will finally officially begin.
The little dragon girl has always cherished her desire for food and has successfully realized it. This time it is really new.
On the expressway, Li Xiangkui laid the seat down leisurely, and the driver of the soft seat sports car was handed over to Xiaohe for control.
After all, isn’t it better for you to be so tired?
The little dragon girl sat in the co-pilot’s seat, eating French fries one after another, because the crispness of the French fries has not changed a little.
"Master, where are we going now?" Little dragon girl curiously looked at navigation and asked
"I don’t know what kind of surprise it will bring us to a nearby municipality!"
Li Xiangkui whistled and murmured easily as if he were traveling.
Chapter two hundred and fifty-three Destiny City
After driving along the navigation planning route for two or three hours, there are fewer and fewer vehicles around.
At present, there are not many people who travel around like him, and most people still explore near the northern health base
When the car was driving at a high speed and preparing to go to a nearby municipality, a zombie jumped directly into the window and stared at two people with bloodthirsty eyes.
Li Xiangkun is not afraid of this, and all the parts of his sports car are nothing. It is very difficult to let zombies break the glass.
"Little dragon girl, are you afraid? If you are afraid, cover your clothes. "
The little dragon girl disdainfully left the pie mouth and said, "This is just a group of soldiers and crabs. What is there to be afraid of?"
Li Xiangkun didn’t expect this girl to be bolder than him. No wonder she has seen the world.
Two people looked at the front cover of the zombie car for a long time, but there was no gain. Finally, its face showed disappointment and then it ran away with some reluctance.
Two people stare at each other, and no one thought that this zombie was so timid.